Our History

  1. Mediac Communications and Exhibitions
    This company was established.
  2. Domus Group
    This company was established as a sister company to Mediac Communications and Exhibitions.
  3. The Domus Group
    Due to over 20 years of experience in the field, both companies have innovatively worked hand in hand in order to host exhibitions that would cater the needs of different fields in the region.

Our aim is to introduce successful exhibitions and bring business the region, given Dubai is the Hub of Business to our aim is to serve major sectors

Abdulla Abulhoul
CEO of Domus Group

About Us

The Domus Group was established in 2005 as a sister concern to Mediac Communications & Exhibitions - an-organisation that traces its history back to 1994. The Group quickly became a leading international specialist in world-class exhibitions, and events ranging from high-powered conferences and bespoke training workshops.

Our Mission

We are pioneers of the UAE's events industry, and have been in operation for over 20 years. We are also a modern world-class events organizer that creates powerful platforms bringing together stakeholders in ways that benefit the entire country. Our growth mirrors and supports that of the UAE, and we help clients fulfill the country’s vision of becoming a hub of knowledge and expertise.

Our Vision

It is with our vision is to support the UAE's economic diversification by creating and helping clients create powerful events that catalyse knowledge transfer and business opportunities.

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